edly Announces Launch of Managed Account Services

edly Outcomes Strategy Offers Investors Streamlined Access to High-Impact, Diversified Portfolios of Income Share Agreements.

Focus is on providing capital to train and retrain workers to fill skilled positions in the wake of Covid disruption.

NEW YORK, April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- edly, The ISA Marketplace, today announced the launch of the edly Outcomes managed investment account program. This investment product provides investors and advisors with high-impact, diversified portfolios of income share agreements from education providers with positive student outcomes, managed by edly, Inc.

The edly Outcomes investment strategy invests directly in diversified pools of ISAs on behalf of investors seeking higher yields. ISAs or Income Share Agreements are a way for students to pay for tuition without incurring student loan debt.

The Outcomes Strategy has investments in a range of education institutions including universities, skills academies such as coding schools, vocational schools, and allied health education providers. edly aims to deliver consistent total return through investments in ISAs from complementary schools.

"edly is at the forefront of this new asset class, providing investors with the potential to Be a Part of the Solution while earning attractive returns," said edly CEO, Chris Ricciardi. "Many investors and advisors inquired about our ability to manage ISA investments on their behalf in a managed account structure, and we are thrilled to provide this diversified income product."

"Managed accounts can help advisors deliver unique investment strategies with low fees and potential tax advantages," according to edly President Chuck Trafton. "edly is building on our significant experience and proven success in the ISA space, and now our managed account offering allows advisors to efficiently access and manage an ISA portfolio from top schools.

We insist on schools' 'skin in the game' – we will only make partial advances to schools and then our investors are in a senior position to the schools until investors have received a preferred rate of return. In order for the schools to get their full tuition, students must have good outcomes and investors must have good investment returns. Schools with poor outcomes are avoided or removed from our program."

For more information, investors and advisors should visit edly.co and contact the edly team at info@edly.info

About edly Inc.

edly Inc. is the ISA marketplace, connecting accredited investors and funds with school-sponsored ISA programs. The company is headquartered in New York.

edly was recently highlighted as an ISA market visionary by Career Karma. Read their "State of the ISA Market Report-2019" report here

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