J. Christopher Roe, Renowned Fintech Architect, Joins edly as Chief Technology Officer

Former Credibly and Guggenheim PGM CTO Aims to Scale edly ISA Marketplace

NEW YORK, June 10, 2019 – edly, the marketplace connecting schools with accredited ISA investors, today announced the addition of J. Christopher Roe to the company as Chief Technology Officer. “The time has come for Income Share Agreements to compete with private student loans, and I am an ardent supporter of edly’s ISA strategy,” said Roe. “I am excited to bring my skills and technology leadership to edly and believe my deep experience in building cloud service platforms that leverage big data and data science will disrupt the education finance industry.”“We’re grateful for Chris’ fintech expertise, and specifically for his experience in building scalable technology platforms for peer to peer funding,” said Chris Ricciardi, edly Co-Founder and CEO. Ricciardi added, “He is a great fit because he has built these systems before and knows exactly how to do it. Chris shares our vision for ISAs to play an important role in solving the student loan problem while also addressing systemic issues of access, affordability and quality.”

Roe has a wealth of relevant experience. In 2012, Guggenheim Partners tapped him along with former Yahoo CEO, Ross Levinsohn, to drive the technological vision and digital roadmap of mergers and acquisition of multiple key media brands.

FlexPoint Ford’s Glen Goldman leveraged Roe in 2016 to re-platform and restructure their SMB Fintech platform Credibly and Roe was most recently brought into Shanghai-based Wheat Financial, one of the top 10 P2P banks in China, to build out their global block chain infrastructure to support the loan services units in US and China.

Chris Roe’s well-earned reputation for motivating business to embrace innovation in the digital space has garnered numerous accolades including recognition in Oracle Magazine, speaking engagements for Salesforce at Dreamforce and the launch of the Salesforce World Tour at NY Javits Center


About edly

edly is a marketplace that connects ISA issuers with accredited investors. The marketplace enables accredited investors to do well by doing good - we offer access to “shares” of Income Share Agreements or “ISAs”, unique financial assets tied to student success. These investments fund student tuition and are repaid only after they secure well-paying jobs. Unlike student loans, which can be punitive and unaffordable, ISA investments on the edly marketplace reward and fuel ongoing student success.

ISAs’ defining feature is a unique alignment of interests between schools, students, and capital providers. Schools keep skin in the game by retaining part-ownership of edly ISAs. ISAs are not loans and are not riskless investments; they offer a more flexible way for students to finance higher education, and for top schools to access liquidity for their programs. Schools participating in the edly marketplace are top educational institutions that provide high-quality, affordable education with positive employment outcomes for graduates.

Accredited investors can learn more and pre-register for future offerings at https://edly.info/



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